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Le Labo Fragrances’ Letters To Santa

By Joe Leonard

Santa 1

Everyone has a wishlist. Here are some of your favorite fragrance's letters to Santa...

Dear Santa,

I’m the enigma of scents. Could you play cupid and match me with a nose that gets me?

Preferably one with a 401(k).

Eagerly awaiting your reply,

Labdanum 18


I’m having an identity crisis. Am I grapefruit or orange?

Please send clarity and a gin fizz to clear things up.

Cordially confused,

Bergamote 22


Could you send a cunning disguise my way? I’d love to ditch the spotlight this holiday and disappear into a crowd.


Santal 33

Santa C,

People call me “bold and daring,” but I get terrible stage fright.

Would you sprinkle me with some extra confidence?

Yours in aromatic desperation,

Another 13

Dear Santa,

It’s exhausting being this sophisticated all the time. I’d love to let my hair down and do something wild. Perhaps fly a kite? I’m open to other ideas.


Vetiver 46

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