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Spotlight On A Scent: Thé Noir 29

An Exclusive interview with Thé Noir 29 at their hand-hewn table on a crisp morning.

By Amy Collier

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What do you marvel at?

I love the miraculous mundane. The fact that a single bay leaf stirred into a stew can change the entire flavor; or that a tree's life can be measured through its rings, or the existence of Giles, the baby goat that I follow on Instagram.

How do you stay connected to your inner child?

Never stop wishing on stars or throwing pennies into wells. Get to know your dreams. Let them sit out in the sun and oxidize. Drink plenty of tea.

What was the last thing you wished for?

Peace and prosperity for all.

I don't believe that.

I may have added in something about meeting Giles one day.

What are your favorite pastimes this season?

Chopping wood, tending to my indoor plants, getting cozy in front of the fire with a steaming cup of tea, and nurturing relationships with my neighbors. A little baked treat dropped at a doorstep can go a long way.

Talking to neighbors? Sounds terrifying!

Only at first. Then you get to enjoy things like borrowing a cup of sugar.

Favorite scent?

The smell of smoke rising from a winter bonfire, which my neighbor made for us out of the wood I chopped for her, using the ax she sharpened for me, after she noticed how dull it was. Seriously, guys, neighbors are the best.

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