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THIS ISSUE we celebrate the wondrous power of illumination. Fragrance has a unique ability to spark our imagination, brighten our spirits, and add a warm glow to our everyday lives. So let’s get cozy and light up our senses…

  • Luminescents: How To Select A Candle
  • Le Labo Souls In Their Own Words
  • Smell of The Year Awards 2023
  • Spotlight on Lavande 31: An Exclusive Interview
  • Love of Craft: Graphic Design
  • A Love Letter To Candlelight
  • 2024 New Year's Resolutions
  • How To Reuse Your Copy Of Le Journal
  • Obituaries for Trends/Classified Ads/Missed Connections, Nostrildamus, Postcards From Our Readers and more!

Available now only in Le Labo boutiques

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