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Peninsula Hotel, Paris. I don’t think it was your intention to go so many times around the revolving door - it certainly wasn’t mine. But I was too polite to exit first - and either you were too, or you didn’t know how; and so we went around in circles for a while. I appreciated your excellent humor when you quipped, “one more time, then I really must go,” before finally extricating yourself. You had a Le Labo denim tote bag and beautiful eyes (which happen to be two of my favorite things - eyes and Le Labo). The truth is I frequently find myself caught in endless loops. Would you care to join me in another one?

To P____. It’s been 8 months since our earthshaking romantic fling. I know it sounds weird, but I have refused to wash your green t-shirt since the day you left. Miraculously, it still smells of your (and now my) beloved Bergamote 22. Le Labo is refilling the perfume; I just need you to refill the hole you left in my heart.

Le Labo, Atlanta. I was the one in the cocktail dress, quickly buying some Tonka 25 so I could arrive at my event feeling fabulous. It was your first time, and I was charmed to hear you try and pronounce the name in your beautiful broken accent - what did you call it, ”little elbow?” You asked me how they pour the candles and said we should look on “wick-apedia!” I thought this was genius and laughed too loudly, but then realized you weren’t making a joke and I stopped. Then you really did make a joke, and I didn’t react at all. Basically I need to meet you all over and this time hold myself together.

Le Labo, Abu Dhabi. You were stressing over which scent to buy for your new Stepmom. At some point, you curled up into an extremely small ball on one of the leather chairs and went to sleep. When you re-opened your eyes, you said the answer was clear… You bought two fragrances for yourself and sent your Dad a text declining to speak at his wedding.

Le Labo, Venice, LA. My ex used to wear Ylang 49, but when I smelled it on you, it seemed so new and unusual. You told me, “that’s because it hits everybody differently” and then walked into the mist you’d just sprayed. I bought two bottles to feel connected to you, and because I’m jealous of anything that gets to touch your body.

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