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Ace Hotel Lab, NYC. We met in the Ace Hotel store. I told you the story about the time my cat tipped over a 500ml bottle of eau de parfum, and this one corner of my bedroom has now smelled like Santal 33 for five years. You laughed and said it’s important to keep a lid on things - which I have since wondered may have been you telling me to shut up. Either way, I liked how disinterested you were in me, and I wish I’d got your number.

Simon, I can’t hold back. We are destined to be together. We both love Neroli 36 too much to simply throw it all away. We also share custody of a bulldog. I had planned to give you a candle that said I want you back on the label, but this didn’t come to pass. Can we give it one more try? I know we were married for 14 years, but don’t let that stop you! Greg.

Sierra Nevada Mountains. To the cute girl I bumped into while hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in July… When our paths crossed, I hadn’t showered in nearly 11 days. You mentioned how good the cedar trees smelled that day, and I didn’t have the heart to tell you it was the travel size bottle of Vetiver 46 that I packed in my overflowing go-bag instead of bug spray. I’m just glad you didn’t look down at my legs, which were covered in mosquito bites. I’d love to take you out for a non-canned dinner one day.

Melbourne, Australia. Your presence washes over me like waves at the beach. I think about you every time I light the Verveine 32 candle you bought me for our anniversary, and smile every time I blow it out, remembering how you described the lingering smoke as kisses for your ghost. We couldn’t have been a worse couple, but I still miss what we had and hope you’re happy.

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