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Scents and Sensibility

Awakening wonder through the senses

By Greg Rousson

Woman Smelling_v2


Finding a yellowed, dog-eared copy of Pride and Prejudice at a used bookstore that is annotated by a kindred spirit. Running your fingers across the ball point indentations on each page, making the classic story feel like a conversation with an old friend.


The sticky sound of your shoes suctioning off the soda-drenched movie theater floor mixed with the ASMR of crunching popcorn on your first viewing of Fellini’s 8 1/2. Then, closing your eyes, letting the sexy saxophone and drums dance you through time and space until you feel like you are twisting and bopping with Barbara Steele in Rome.


Suddenly being yanked out of your entrancement at a poetry reading by the familiar mixture of cloves, tobacco, moth balls and sour candy. The scent that your high school best friend used to radiate. Then surveying the audience, hoping to discern if you are about to have a reunion or make a new friend.


Looking into someone’s eyes after your first kiss and seeing the streetlight bounce off their iris, and finally seeing yourself reflected back in a way that you’ve always desired to be seen.


After a chance reconnection with a childhood friend at a poetry reading, you sit and catch up over a bottle of Two-Buck Chuck and somehow the rapid flood of memories and the gentle ease of familiar conversation makes the cheap wine taste as good as the bottle the two of you stole from the liquor cabinet when you were teenagers.


That indescribable feeling when you just know the phone is about to ring and your Mother will be on the other end, ready to comfort you through the terrible day you just had, as well as accidentally contribute to it.

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