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The Bouquet List

A list of essential fragrances one should sniff out before kicking le bouquet…

By Kayla Baken

The Bouquet List 1

Never mind your bucket list, creating a Bouquet List can lead to greater scents of fulfillment.

Cherry blossoms in spring.

The sweet scent of vanilla. Naked or cloaked in red velvet.

The cahhhhlming aroma of an ENCENS 9 candle freshly lit to de-stress from your day. Then promptly blown out as you re-stress about your cat pawing at the flame.

The mildewy nostalgia of memories growing on other memories stashed inside your parent’s garage.

The buttery brown sugar smell of apples amid their Sandy Olsson-from Grease transformation from wholesome fruit to saucy pie filling.

The briny breath of ocean air as it double-dares you to unplug from your devices. (We’re told a bottle of NEROLI 36 is equally as cheeky.)

A freshly painted room. Bonus points if the shade you selected comes even close to the shade you wanted.

Fresh-cut grass, specifically when you’ve rolled around in it with someone you fancy.

Burnt char still lingering on the bottom of your stove as a souvenir from that first (and last) dinner party you hosted.

LABDANUM 18 on cotton. Side effects may include springtime crushes and sweatshirt thievery.

Those fleeting pheromones of new car smell, gone in the blink of a fast food drive-thru.

The pungent punch of stale sweat when you enter the gym to cancel your membership.

Clean sheets and dirty martinis.

The olfactory power of a firepit to remind you of cozy winter nights in the middle of summer. *One spritz of PATCHOULI 24 also does the trick.

That musty waft of old books when you first enter the colossal library inside a magic castle where the beast is that you’re beginning to fall for.

Jacob Elordi, we imagine.

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