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Behind the Limelight: Hidden Ingredients

By Kayla Baken

Limelight 1

Behind every great Le Labo perfume lies a cast of supporting ingredients. We gave the mic to some of them...

Cardamom (from Santal 33)

I love Santal, I really do, but they always get to sit up front; and sometimes they forget there are 32 of us squeezed into the back here, all helping out in our own way. There’s Iris - working tirelessly to add that musky backdrop. And let’s also give a shoutout to Violet, keeping up the floral notes. No, we’re a family. I wish Santal would remember this a bit more.

Fig (from Thé Matcha 26)

I have no problem playing second fiddle to Thé Matcha, I get it; they’re a legend. They’re the reason we’re all here. But the irony that they want me to make them endless cups of tea - it’s too much. I don’t just make tea around here; I provide important fig notes of my own. It’s great fun working with the team. The 26 of us get along very well. We’re all introverts. There’s a super relaxed vibe. We do drink a lot of tea.

Grapefruit (from Bergamote 22)

Yes, I’m dating Bergamote. But so are 21 other ingredients, and it’s sending my acid reflux through the roof. Why did I sign up for this? I’m constantly clamoring to compete for their affection. With some big personalities, I might add. Every single time we’re alone, Amber swoops in all sweet and warm. Then there’s Virile Vetiver. Ugh, I can’t even think about them one-on-one. This whole ordeal is bound to leave me a bitter mess.

Hay (From Thé Noir 29)

Thé Noir was an olfactory utopia; the 29 of us living in perfect balance. At least that’s what they wanted us to believe. But I long suspected something was amiss. So I sleuthed below the fresh notes of Bay Leaves and past the underbelly of Tobacco until I found the truth, burrowed like a needle inside a stack of, well, me. In the sum of all our parts one leader does emerge and they go by the name Black Tea. (Really terrific person!)

Patchouli (from Baie 19)

There’s no denying Baie is a creative genius. Their use of rain to coax earthy magic from all 18 of us muses is astounding. But I’m the OG. The blueprint, if you will. So it’s a tad vexing that I’m lumped in with the others. I am so much more than a number. I love Juniper Berry and Green Leaves, but neither wears water quite like me. If a GRAMMY Award-winning rapper can write an entire song about this Wet-Ass Patchouli, you’d think Baie could at least throw me a shout-out! Love you, Bae.

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